Get scientific illustrations and animations !

Get meticulous scientific illustrations and animations, infographics, datavisualisations and science graphic design solutions adapted to your needs ! Let's draw science !

Transform your idea …

Starting from your scientific concept you would like to broadcast. Your products, your observations you made in the lab. A mechanism of action.
A great science story to tell. That science thing you would love to talk about.

… into the perfect scientific illustrations and animations.

Your message is converted into meaningful and beautiful illustration while carefully observing scientific accuracy. Many supports can be considered, in harmony with your audience: pictures for research presentation or scientific publication, press magazine, cover images, school books, flyers, … with a realistic or schematic style.


Chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, geography, … we handle all science fields with the highest level of accuracy.


Whether for scientific research papers, school books, or general public, we shape the level of detail to your needs.


Digital and paper, pen and wash, watercolor, 3D, mixed-media, modern and trad techniques, … Your project is unique, we adapt to your requirements.


Motion design, animation, 3D animation, … We make short films and animations to promote your work.

Scientific illustrations and animations portfolio

Overview of various scientific illustrations and animations projects.

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Bacteria showing chromatide and flagellum - Watercolor and coloured pencils
Omicron variant of concern - 3D modelling - pdb entry 7t9j
The structure of the skin. 3D modeling and animation
Cover images scientific journals - 3D illustration - pencils illustration - bones - neuron
Journal design - Kidney structure and function - coloured pencils vector and digital painting
3D protein visualization - Chloroplast ATP synthase
Egg structure - digital painting
Photosystem II - 3d illustration protein complex
Figures for publication - vector pictures
Virus diversity - pen and watercolor
Scientific poster design - Prokaryote flagellum structure and function - Coloured pencils and digital painting
Proteins structures - 3D visualisation
About the author

Science, art and comm skills

Our strong science skills, along with a passion for graphic arts, allow us to rigorously understand your science project and translate it in visual language.


PhD in Bioscience engineering give me strong science skills in various fields: biology, chemistry, protein engineering, material science, imaging techniques, process engineering, …


Whether in writing or speaking, I developed strong comm skills. I adapt to your audience: from specific research to general audience (e.g. press and school). I won several prizes in the international science popularization contest “Ma Thèse en 180 Secondes”.


Passionate about graphic arts, I developed most of my skills as self-taught. I still enrich my skills through illustrations trainings.


I am not afraid of challenges. Together, we will create the picture you need to make your science unique !